Vaping/E Cigarettes Review & Side Effects

e cigarettes side effects and reviewNo one really knows for sure how safe electronic cigarettes are. They certainly have their share of side effects, although probably much lesser than smoking. But the health experts say there is no clear definitive link between using electronic cigarettes and quitting normal tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re vaping using electronic cigarettes, you are still essentially addicted to nicotine. It’s a step up from normal cigarettes, but you’re only halfway to quitting in my opinion. For me, electronic cigarettes were a novelty to distract me between cigarettes, but they ultimately did not help me quit smoking.

Many regulatory and health agencies are not completely sure when people ask are electronic cigarette safe? E-cigarettes are not subject to United States tobacco laws so they can be purchased even by children. And this is exactly what is happening, children are purchasing e cigarettes in the sixth grade which leads many public health experts to question the wisdom behind allowing electronic cigarettes into the market with no regulation.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe and How do They Work? | Health Risks and Safety of Ecigs

One of the reported dangers is that the liquid nicotine itself is highly concentrated, unlike tobacco where it occurs naturally, and in high doses can be absorbed through the skin and cause heart problems, breathing trouble and even cardiac arrest and poisoning. On another note, the FDA is not sure whether inhaling pure liquid nicotine is completely safe in and of itself.

E cigarettes may actually contain more nicotine in a regular cigarette, but they definitely contain as much nicotine as a typical tobacco cigarette.

Many users can choose their dosage of nicotine when they buy you cigarettes or the refill cartridges. Mini E cigarettes come in different flavors, which again many would argue is a lure for children.

Some have noted that because children are using and buying e cigarettes, they may be more likely to start smoking regular tobacco cigarettes as well. In fact many say there is no proof that people who enjoy electronic cigarettes ever stop smoking regular cigarettes at all.

How electronic cigarettes work

Electronic cigarettes contain a battery, several cartridges, and a column which appears to be just like a regular cigarette where users inhale which activates a motor that heats the nicotine and produces a vapor which they then inhale.

Already electronic cigarettes have been banned in public places like restaurants, bars, and indoor settings in both Los Angeles, California and in New York City. Opponents of the laws claim that local municipalities are hindering the stop smoking effort overall, while many people probably just don’t want to inhale vapors indoors whether they are considered a safety risk or not.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

*Much easier on the lungs and breathing than regular cigarettes
*no smoke smell, can vape practically anywhere undetected
*don’t turn your skin yellow or accelerate aging due to the act of smoking itself
*overall potentially less harmful than smoking cigarettes
*come in different flavors and doses including vanilla, Coca Cola, tobacco, mint, and more

Side effects of vaping and e cigs reported from actual users

*Coughing after long-term chronic use, hacking up stuff
*nausea due to excessive intake of high concentrations of nicotine
*stomache ache and acid reflux, could be due to excessive propylene glycol, which is a derivative of glucose
*sore throat
*irregular heartbeat

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