Mattress Reviews: Who in 2018 can boast the best hybrid memory foam mattress?

Is it true that you are in the market for another mattress for your home? Today there are numerous individuals who are choosing to buy a mattress with cooling memory foam since they are not partial to the traditional springs and coils. Obviously, the decision you make is going to be based on your own preferences, whether you prefer a mattress that is hard, lush and delicate, or soft and plush.

Which Memory Foam Mattress Should I Buy and Where?

With regards to choosing which mattress is ideal for you when you visit a mattress store, it can take a touch of work. In any case, you first need to choose your financial plan for the buy. Quality is vital, yet you need to stick near your financial plan also. The mattresses of the absolute best quality will cost you more, however much of the time they are well worth what you pay. You can run with a shabby cheap memory foam mattress, yet just remember you regularly get what you pay for.

Obviously, another alternative to pick is the thickness of your mattress. The heavier and thicker the cushion is, the higher quality mattress you will get. Go for no less than a 5-inch thickness, in spite of the fact that you can buy them as far as possible up to 14 inches thick. Likewise, the thickness of the mattress is critical and relates to the help that you require from your mattress. The higher the thickness of the mattresses, the more noteworthy the help will be that you get from them.

Giving them a shot before you get them is a great decision too. Go to the mattress stores and set aside the opportunity to look at the bed. Ricochet on it lay on it, and perceive how agreeable you can get. This will reveal to you a ton as to which memory foam mattress is appropriate for you.

Buy a Mattress Online with Free Shipping and Refunds

deluxe hybrid mattressFor something truly revolutionary, take a look at this New 15″ Soft Memory Foam Mattress in a Box that has critics and clients raving. It’s the first 15 inch bed in a box that you can buy online and it comes with free shipping, returns, cleaning, moving expenses- you name it!

12″ Memory Foam Mattress

On the off chance that you need an extremely rich mattress that is thick and agreeable, at that point you might need to consider running with one that is 12 inches thick. This is an extraordinary decision and there are a few incredible mattresses that you can look over at this thickness. You can run with the 12″ Spa Sensations Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress or even the Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that has the five inch and five-pound thickness Viscoelastic Foam. These are both amazing decisions, however, you will pay for them.

10″ Memory Foam Mattress

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend very as much cash, at that point a 10-inch mattress might be more your style. You can consider the 10″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that has three inches, five-pound thickness Viscoelastic Memory Foam.

The last word on buying a new mattress in 2018

What is the best memory foam mattress in 2018? Most real mattress brands do have a 30-day unconditional promise, some even longer. So it’s going to be up to you to decide which feels the best for you.

In the event that you are not happy with your purchase, make sure you can receive a full refund.

Turning Walks with My Dog Into Money

best cannabis infused cbd gummiesThere’s really nothing more fun than downing a bunch of marijuana or cbd gummies and heading out to the trail with your dog, ready to go on a day of hiking with your furry best friend. Dogs don’t usually judge you when you’re high, but if they did, they’d think you were pretty cool.

Getting all that fresh air outside walking my dog, soaking up the sunshine and just learning to forget what time of day is has been very helpful as an entrepreneur, and the cannabis helps me to stay focused on the moment and keep my mind state positive so that I can achieve higher states of inner peace and relaxation. It also helps me to get things done more effectively. There really are a lot of benefits of dog walking and cannabis when you think about it.

Walks with My Dog

walks with my dogWalks with my dog have always been a special thing. I have never been able to provide my dog with a 40 acre ranch, but I have taken him to many state and national parks for us to hike the trails and explore the landscape for an afternoon. What better way to enjoy nature than by bringing my General MacArthur Sherlock Holmes classic pipe or a few joints in their handy little dispensary styled cases. Perfect for stowing!

I feel a special bond with my dog when we’re out walking around in the woods or the jungle, our attention totally in the present moment enjoying the discovery of new surroundings. I see the joy in my dog’s eyes when we’re out exploring a field full of grass, trees and discarded things no one wanted.

Turning Walks with my Dog Into Money

Hands Free Dog Leash for Walking and Running

For me, living an authentic life means having a lot of freedom. Freedom with my finances. Freedom with my day’s schedule. I have always been drawn to owning my own business and have enjoyed the freedom self-employment brings vs. the 9 to 5 corporate or even evening work shift strategy to paying bills.

Since I love my dog so much I started looking for high quality dog products to sell for which I either have seen a direct immediate need first hand in my life with my dog or could see the value in for the average dog product consumer.

That’s also when I discovered the hands free dog leash which is perfect for hiking, running, jogging, walking, camping– you name it, it will keep your dog secured to your person and free your hands for other things. I had been using my own homemade hands free dog harness and collar for years, but it involved attaching a carabiner to each end of the dog leash, and then clipping the carabiner to a belt which I wore.

My homemade no hold dog leash was great but it did not retract when the distance was closed between myself and my dog, and it did not diminish the sudden jerks of my dog in random directions when he smells an item of interest on one of our walks. So the hands free dog leash I made would have to be retractable, adjustable, and made of a flexible but heavy duty strong material to finish the job.

walking dogs for money

How You Can Turn Dog Walking Into Money with Overnight Dog Sitting, Dog Daycare and Home Boarding

Stoners need to find a way to make money too, regardless of how bad society tells you that you are and that you don’t deserve a job. One of the best ways to make extra money is to offer to watch people’s dogs for them with pet sitting. You can sign up with a service like and get a profile to start watching dogs in under a week. They take 20 – 25% of what you make, but it can still be a way to earn some side cash.

Another way is to offer to walk people’s dogs for them. Basically you can maximize your earnings by offering dog sitting and overnight boarding as well as a dog walking service. Wag is a pretty good way to start walking people’s dogs too.

Starting Your Own Dog Walking Business

move over rover start your own dog sitting businessBut the best way to earning money by walking dogs is with your own home doggy daycare, boarding and walking business that you get customers from Rover and Wag, but you also get customers from people searching Google for dog sitters and walkers. This guide shows you all about how you can increase your customer base by doing just a few things that most Rover or Wag contractors refuse to do- and it can make you money.

More Dog Walking Tips

If you’re going to start making money walking dogs, it’s good to have a little bit of basic safety training so you can handle strange dogs that you’re not used to. Here’s a YouTube video with some dog walking training to get you going.

Vaping/E Cigarettes Review & Side Effects

e cigarettes side effects and reviewNo one really knows for sure how safe electronic cigarettes are. They certainly have their share of side effects, although probably much lesser than smoking. But the health experts say there is no clear definitive link between using electronic cigarettes and quitting normal tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re vaping using electronic cigarettes, you are still essentially addicted to nicotine. It’s a step up from normal cigarettes, but you’re only halfway to quitting in my opinion. For me, electronic cigarettes were a novelty to distract me between cigarettes, but they ultimately did not help me quit smoking.

Many regulatory and health agencies are not completely sure when people ask are electronic cigarette safe? E-cigarettes are not subject to United States tobacco laws so they can be purchased even by children. And this is exactly what is happening, children are purchasing e cigarettes in the sixth grade which leads many public health experts to question the wisdom behind allowing electronic cigarettes into the market with no regulation.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe and How do They Work? | Health Risks and Safety of Ecigs

One of the reported dangers is that the liquid nicotine itself is highly concentrated, unlike tobacco where it occurs naturally, and in high doses can be absorbed through the skin and cause heart problems, breathing trouble and even cardiac arrest and poisoning. On another note, the FDA is not sure whether inhaling pure liquid nicotine is completely safe in and of itself.

E cigarettes may actually contain more nicotine in a regular cigarette, but they definitely contain as much nicotine as a typical tobacco cigarette.

Many users can choose their dosage of nicotine when they buy you cigarettes or the refill cartridges. Mini E cigarettes come in different flavors, which again many would argue is a lure for children.

Some have noted that because children are using and buying e cigarettes, they may be more likely to start smoking regular tobacco cigarettes as well. In fact many say there is no proof that people who enjoy electronic cigarettes ever stop smoking regular cigarettes at all.

How electronic cigarettes work

Electronic cigarettes contain a battery, several cartridges, and a column which appears to be just like a regular cigarette where users inhale which activates a motor that heats the nicotine and produces a vapor which they then inhale.

Already electronic cigarettes have been banned in public places like restaurants, bars, and indoor settings in both Los Angeles, California and in New York City. Opponents of the laws claim that local municipalities are hindering the stop smoking effort overall, while many people probably just don’t want to inhale vapors indoors whether they are considered a safety risk or not.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

*Much easier on the lungs and breathing than regular cigarettes
*no smoke smell, can vape practically anywhere undetected
*don’t turn your skin yellow or accelerate aging due to the act of smoking itself
*overall potentially less harmful than smoking cigarettes
*come in different flavors and doses including vanilla, Coca Cola, tobacco, mint, and more

Side effects of vaping and e cigs reported from actual users

*Coughing after long-term chronic use, hacking up stuff
*nausea due to excessive intake of high concentrations of nicotine
*stomache ache and acid reflux, could be due to excessive propylene glycol, which is a derivative of glucose
*sore throat
*irregular heartbeat

Try an E-cigarette alternative you never thought of: CBD (Cannabidiol)

Read: Does Champix/Chantix help cigarette smokers trying to quit successfully end nicotine addiction safely?

Chantix/Champix Reviews: Side Effects, Effectiveness, and More

chantix reviews for stopping smokingSmoking is associated with many dangerous and harmful effects on health. Many people with tobacco smoking addiction are looking for a way out of their addictions. In the 2006, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer released a prescription medication they called Chantix (or Champix outside the United States). The drug was promoted as being able to help people who wish to stop smoking quit.

Expectedly, people who have struggled with smoking cessation would welcome anything that promises them quick and effortless quitting. Therefore, when Pfizer announced that Chantix whose scientific name is Varenicline could help them quit, it came as a relief to many people. The question most people ask is whether this medication is effective or not, but is it safe considering the numerous recent lawsuits levied upon Pfizer regarding this stop smoking medication?

The illusion of a magic pill

But then again, who doesn’t want a magic pill to suddenly cure them of cigarette smoking? Sound too good to be true? It probably is. Many people who have taken Chantix have become suicidal with the families of the suicide victims blaming the stop smoking drug itself. Whether those people were pre-disposed to depression or suicide is a different story, but you can’t dismiss a staggering and growing number of possibilities. There have also been reports of outbursts of anger on Champix and in a recent murder case between 2 US Army soldiers, a judge has even allowed the Chantix defense to play out in court, i.e. that the accused of murder is blaming his Chantix medication for a factor in committing murder.

champix reviews for quitting smokingIt should also be kept in mind that a company named Pfizer manufactures Chantix and is also maker of the drug Propecia/finasteride, a popular hair loss drug that has been reported to cause permanent, irreversible sexual side effects in men, severe depression, anxiety, loss of interest in life, loss of feeling and empathy and brain fog- which has also led to patients committing suicide. Say what you will. I say Pfizer’s products like Propecia and Chantix/Champix and many more medications, even common anitbiotics like Cipro, are no joke. Long-term debilitating side effects are a possibility and the doctors don’t always warn patients adequately.

How Does Chantix Work?

It is not easy to understand how Chantix works without first discussing why tobacco smoking is addictive. The addictive substance in tobacco smoke is nicotine, a central nervous system stimulant. Using nicotine for a long time makes the body dependent on these stimulant effects. After sometime, dependence develops and your body stops to function properly without nicotine. Smoking then becomes habitual.

Chantix works as a partial agonist (partial stimulant) of the brain at the nicotine receptors. The manufacturer says that this medication is a weaker partial agonist and therefore will blunt the withdrawal effects associated with quitting smoking. This means it is different from nicotine antagonists (such as cystisine), bupropion (Zyban) and nicotine replacement therapy. Chantix is marketed as capable of reducing nicotine cravings for and minimizes the pleasurable effects of tobacco products including cigarettes.

If you find other reviews online, it’s kind of crazy. You’ll hear people praise Chantix for how good it is, and how it’s their 3rd time even of being on it! That to me, means it doesn’t work, not that it’s good, and it’s not exactly a solution to cigarette or even smokeless tobacco addiction! It’s just a drug-for-another-drug exchange! And the prices for the meds are as much as tobacco smoking too. But if you’re not smoking and you don’t want to kill yourself after taking it, maybe it’s still an option for you.

The Upside to Chantix: The Pros

Varenicline is touted by its manufacturers as well as some users as having the following advantages in smoking cessation.

If used in conjunction with other smoking cessation programs such as rehabilitation, Chantix can help those who have struggled with smoking to progressively quite the habit.

One must comply with only the determined, prescribed dosage. It is administered in a dosage of 1mg per day titrated in a particular manner.

The package comes with clear instructions on how to use the drug but it is only administered on prescription by a health care provider.

Chantix is FDA approved, unlike certain popular smoke cessation products such as e-cigarettes. I would still take FDA approval with a grain of salt.

It indirectly helps to eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The Downside to Chantix: The Cons, Side Effects, and Cause for Concern


Clinical studies done so far indicate that Chantix long-term effects can lead to a variety of life-threatening side effects like suicidal ideation. Here are some of the most common side effects of Varenicline.

The most common complaint by users of Varenicline is nausea.

Less commonly it may cause headache, sleeping difficulties as well as abnormal dreams.

Rarely Varenicline may cause flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting and changes in taste sensations.

Although the FDA approved this drug, in 2007 they sent out a warning that Chantix may accentuate the risks of depression and suicide tendencies as well as other psychiatric problems. in 2011, they announced the association of Varenicline with small risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The Bottom line on Chantix… No thanks, not for me


In as much as Chantix is promoted as capable of helping people to quit smoking, studies indicate that the safety concerns outweigh any benefits that may be associated with its use. If you were to ask me, I would recommend that you first discuss with your doctor. Better still, you can avoid it altogether.

I prefer a natural stop smoking aid anyday of the week to all these chemicals and pills. That’s me though.

Chantix Reviews

Recently ordered by FDA and scheduled for the Fall 2014, a review on Chantix to address public concerns over suicides and major side effects linked to Chantix will be held. Could it just be political theater? After all, the FDA could just remove the pill from the market, but then there goes that billion dollars spent on getting it through the regulation and approval process, and if the FDA cracks down too hard, the FDA won’t have any customers coming its way any more.

This could partially explain why doctors these days are just unloading pills faster than Bayer, Merck, and Pfizer can make them. Could it be the revolving door between the FDA and pharmaceutical giants? Read that article for a very telling truth about exactly how drugs are approved and prescribed, how natural supplements are kept out of the market for treating medical conditions, and how the bloated and high costs of this broken system are draining the American economy and preventing true affordable and effective medical care from everyone.

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