What Deviated Septum Snoring Sufferers Can Do About It- With or Without Health Insurance

Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces and CPAP Do Not Open Nasal Airways of Deviated Septum Sufferers

This has been one of the biggest problems for snorers and apnea sufferers throughout the years. Either their doctor will send them to an ear, nose and throat specialist, who will likely then want to perform surgery, or they may opt for a CPAP, an expensive “solution” which does nothing to open the nasal passages and ensure people breathe normally. Moreover, once you start CPAP, it is not advisable that you skip nights, as your body becomes accustomed to the continuous positive airway pressure that these machines produce.

As someone who had corrective surgery for deviated septum, only to have no noticeable benefit from the painful procedure just a few years later, I can tell you that more surgery is not always better. It’s actually quite easy to find a knife-happy surgeon or doctor willing to collect an overcharged payday from your insurance company in order to produce an outcome that might not be any major improvement over your initial condition.

Of course, Not All Deviated Septum or Snoring and Sleep Apnea Sufferers Even Have Health Insurance

I also fall into this category- people with deviated septum who do not have health insurance. Many baby boomers and “normal” people out there will attempt to damn and condemn me for not having the overpriced, undervalued health insurance that the rip-off medical establishment has given us as the only path to medical care. However I refuse to pay monthly premiums at such a young age month over month to receive bread crumbs of medical care when I occasionally require it.

OpenAIR 10 piece kit nasal dilators for stop snoringIt’s funny how in my life I have found solutions that were literally dirt cheap which did the job safely, effectively, and naturally compared to the “popular” and assumed “only game in town” type answers to problems that most people assume is the only option out there. One of those solutions is using diatomaceous earth to stop crawling insect pest infestations, and another example is nasal dilators for deviated septum and snoring/mild sleep apnea.

Nasal dilators cost literally under 20 bucks and can often result in an enormous benefit to users which have problems with breathing through their nose normally. They can be worn at night by both back and side sleepers, and unlike the uncomfortable nasal strips which stretch and tear your skin, and usually wear off in effectiveness by the end of the night, they do not require you to continue buying them month after month.

While both nasal dilators and mouthpieces for snoring and sleep apnea will require eventual replacement, their lifespan is much longer and greater, usually requiring a new model every 6 months to a year at the earliest. An additional benefit is that often times using nasal dilators on their own can solve an entire snoring problem, but they can also be used with OTC stop snoring oral devices for people who usually end up breathing through their mouth at night.

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