Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally and Safely in Your Home

get rid of bed bugs right freaking now cover phoneBed Bugs are present in more and more homes by the growing day.

While there are some people who are not bothered by them or even aware they exist, most people really hate to see them roaming around in their houses or worse, waking up to itchy red bites and rashes.

If you have just realized that there are bedbugs in your bedroom, you have to start making plans on how you are going to eliminate them as soon as possible. This is because when you delay, you are giving them a chance to multiply in your house.

Various ways to remove bed bugs from your home bedroom

The more their number, the more difficult it will be to kick them out of your house. Bed bugs are not just annoying. They will keep you up at night, damage your bed and furniture, make you feel nauseous and cause many other problems in your home.

Fortunately, there are simple bed bug elimination techniques that you can use to drive the cimex lectularius parasites away from your home. They include:

Various Homemade Bed Bug Treatments

1. Finding bedbug hiding spots

A Bed Bug usually hides during the day and come out at night to look for food. This is why you may not see them roaming around during the day very rarely, only to be surprised by their high number when you wake up in the middle of the night and check under the mattress or box spring.

To be able to deal with them effectively, you have to identify the places where they hide. Bedbugs usually hide in cracks and crevices on walls, in spaces in your furniture and your bed frame. Identify all the possible hiding areas before doing anything else.

2. Deny the nasty little critters any access to your bed.

There is no way the bloodsuckers are going to survive in your house when you deny them food. Make sure you eliminate clutter and hiding spots, then wash all your sheets and clothes and dry on high heat. Vacuum everything really well then empty the vacuum bag outside the house in a plastic sack and don’t let them back in.

3. Put down a preventive measure against bedbugs.

Bed bugs are tough to completely get rid of, but it is possible. Because they can go for a year without food and they lay eggs out of sight, it can be frustrating to try to make headway against an infestation. But one thing you can do is put down a powder which kills both bed bug and egg larvae.

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