Why Dog Sitting and Dog Walking are GREAT Extra-Money Gigs for Waiters, Restaurant Servers and Bartenders

Waiters, bartenders, and restaurant servers often face a dilemma of not getting enough hours and having lots of free time at random times of the day.

It makes it hard to get another job or gig because your main job gets your highest priority for scheduling, and if you do catering or work another waiting tables job during daytime lunch shifts, then you may not even be making enough money to justify the use of time.

great side jobs for waiters bartenders and restaurant serversThis is why walking people’s dogs or dog sitting is a great way to make side money for service industry employees. You can literally make your own schedule.

Since many servers, bartenders and waiters work nights, your days and afternoons are free, which is when many people who work office jobs, need someone to go by and let their dog out to use the restroom or get a 30 minute walk in.

Walking and sitting dogs is one of the easiest and low- cost businesses to set up. All you really need is time and a liking for dogs. But what exactly should you do in order for your business to be successful? Below are a few dog walking and dog sitting tips that can make your start-up business a great success.

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Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Tips to Get Your Business Off the Ground Right

1. Know about Dogs

The first step of owning a successful dog-care business is being extensively knowledgeable about dogs. This means that you should know more than just the various breeds of dogs. Do you know what different dog behavior means? Can you be able to control unruly canine behavior? How knowledgeable are you about leashes, collars and harnesses? Can you ably advise pet parents about the best kind and size of leash for their dog?

It is important that you educate yourself about dogs before you take up this business. Not only will the knowledge come in real handy when you are watching over the dogs, but it will also make it easier for your clients to trust you with their precious pets.

2. Have a Simple Business Plan

If you want your dog walking and sitting business to flourish, then you must be meticulous in how you carry out your operations. A business policy is one of the things that you must settle on before you kick off your business. Generally, the policy outlines what your stand is in various matters relating to your business.

What will be your working hours? In which areas will you be walking the dogs? What will be your cancellation policy? What about walking dogs without leashes? Will you accept to walk dogs without leashes if your clients ask you to?

You also need to have an insurance policy for your business. It might not seem like it, but a dog sitting and dog walking business comes with its own risks and liabilities. For instance, what should happen if a dog you are walking bites a stranger? What if it becomes uncontrollable while you are out walking it?

This is particularly important if you accept to walk dogs that are not on leashes. You certainly want to be prepared for any unforeseen liability that could arise from your business.

One great way is to start out using Rover.com to get in the game, but don’t become reliant upon them.

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3. Advertise with a simple lead-collecting website and presence on Google

Finally, you need to get word out about your business. First, you have to determine who your target market will be. Ideally, these will be people whose schedules limit the amount of time they can spend with their dogs. People whose dogs are in dire need of exercise could also benefit immensely from your business.

The best way to advertise your business is through the Free Google Business Listing program. Using the tools provided, you can create a free simple website which will be the face of your business online. It is important that you create unique site which people can instantly identify with your business. Other ways to advertise your business is through brochures and asking your clients to recommend you to their friends and family.


Starting a dog sitting and dog walking business is anything but impossible. If you follow the tips shared above, then your business should be up and running in no time. However, there are factors within and outside of your control, so keep that in mind every step of the way.

Good luck!

Why Dog Sitting and Dog Walking are GREAT Extra Money Gigs for Waiters, Restaurant Servers and Bartenders