Medical and Health Benefits of Marijuana, CBD and Cannabis

Medical and Health Benefits of Marijuana, CBD and Cannabis

Believe it or not there are valid health benefits of medical marijuana. Cannabidiol, the non psyhoactive component of cannabis binds to naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the brain, regulating a host of bodily functions, and has been known to aid in stopping certain cancers and stimluate neurogenesis in the brain. Medical mj has also been proven to help people with glaucoma, anxiety, Alzheimers disease and people prone to seizures.

cannabidiol cbdBut Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as well as CBD have been known to help people but may potentially antagonize those prone to schizophrenia and psychosis so be careful, because today’s marijuana strains are more potent than those of 45 years ago. Cannabis indica has 4 to 5 times more CBD than Cannabis sativa, so keep that in mind if you are a medical cannabis patient.

Medical marijuana and CBD, when used responsibly in conjunction with healthy diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep plus all the other healthy things a person should do like have good relationships, be productive and goal oriented, and just have a good time in life and be happy, can be a Godsend. I was personally able to eliminate all prescription narcotics and medications for anxiety and depression with medical cannabis.

The benefits of cannabis can also be gained by simply consuming the CBD oil concentrate from cannabis orally, or topically in some cases. The act of smoking can be counterproductive to the many health benefits of cannabis, but interestingly enough studies have shown that smoking marijuana in small amounts, even regularly, did not lead to the same types of respiratory and lung problems that cigarette and tobacco smoking did.

Benefits of CBD and Marijuana on Breathing and Relaxation

Cannabis and CBD in moderate amounts can help you truly relax and breathe deeply, in a similar fashion that yogis do during meditation to stimulate brain waves and states of consciousness conducive to healing and overall wellness. In my personal experience no other susbtance on Earth has made me feel or breathe this way, and it is quite therapeutic.

Medical marijuana also provides major pain relief like that of prescription narcotics such as percocet, darvocet or vicoden but without the major physiologically addictive properties or withdrawals. I recently decided to completely give up marijuana in order to achieve a financial goal and the withdrawals were so slight, even after having consumed marijuana on a daily basis for almost 2 and a half years straight. Try taking someone who’s been drinking for 2 and a half years straight and make them quit cold turkey and see how their bodies respond.

The cannabis plant is truly remarkable with numerous benefits to be gained and studied by modern medical science. I look forward to the day it is taken off the federal government’s list of Schedule 1 substances, a category to which such drugs as meth and cocaine belong.

Before I ever tried marijuana, I had a friend who told that once you try marijuana for the first time, your first question will be “how in the hell is this stuff illegal?”. I must say he was right.

The Key to Marijuana and CBD is the Source of the Ingredients

When it comes to marijuana and CBD, the most important aspect is the source and how it’s grown. Do they use excessive pesticides or growth additives? Is the marijuana grown indoors under harsh conditions and artificial lighting? Or is the CBD you use natural?

This is why I recommend Boulder Botcanicals because it’s organic and grown in the USA on a farm co op where they have over 20 years of experience farming cannabis under the right, natural conditions that are most conducive to the end result and quality of the CBD and THC bearing plant.

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