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CBD & the Human Body

Learn all the amazing ways in which CBD (Cannabidiol) positively affects the human body.


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CBD & Mental Health

CBD does things for mental health that you'd need 3 different prescriptions to pharmaceutical drugs for, but at a small fraction of the cost and with zero side effects.

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Completely legal and available in all 50 US States, learn why Elite Hemp Products beats all the other CBD products online.

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Does Your State Allow Cannabis Use?

There are currently 29 states and Washington D.C. in the US which allow for some form of medically prescribed marijuana. At this point, the results have already spoken for themselves.

But while medical marijuana allows more freedom in a legal sense, it is still not always the ideal choice for responsible adults who have to balance a career and family while treating common conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. The side effects of psychoactive cannabis (THC) can often be challenging to the people who use marijuana, as well as those around them.

thc and cbd legal in all 50 states of the us

The Solution is CBD

does cbd require prescription from doctor onlineFinally, people can still gain many of the same benefits of natural cannabis without THC, by using the non-psychoactive component, or cannabidiol (CBD) as it is known. CBD is the ultimate solution for people who want to benefit from cannabis without necessarily being "high as a kite" or impaired and drowsy all day.

Additionally, CBD does not show up in drug tests, so no employer where regular or pre-employment drug testing are mandatory is ever going to suspect you of doing something against company policy, and you risk losing your job or not moving up in your career.

Legal Repercussion-Free

driving while intoxicated on cannabis thc marijuana

You'll also never have to worry about getting a DUI/DWI for consuming CBD in the same way you would if using regular marijuana, which is great news considering police departments in states like Washington and Colorado are already finding ways of generating new revenues for their departments by targeting cannabis (THC) users.

And while 29 states allow for medical marijuana, ALL US states allow over-the-counter use of CBD. Because your state may not be "420 friendly", finding the best CBD online then becomes your best option.

Next Steps...

The only way to know if CBD will work for you is to research the best OTC products available online or your local shop and then try a few of them out. With relatively few to no side effects, it will be one of the safest decisions you've ever made.