How I Quit Smoking (After Many Failed Attempts)

One reason I made this site was to help others like myself stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.

quitting cigarettes and smoking for goodWhile I would never admit it back then, I used to have a pretty major addiction to smoking– actually I would smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day. All my friends were smokers and to make things worse, I’ve always worked in bars, restaurants and night clubs so smoking was never seen as a big deal.

Then one day I saw my now-late uncle come down with major lung cancer from smoking and… watching him die a slow and painful death confined to a hospital bed scared me so bad that I decided it was time to make a change.

My Reasons to Quit Smoking

I want to be there for my kids and my grandkids when they grow up. I tried every way imaginable to quit smoking: cold turkey, medication, nicotine gum, the patch, hypnosis- even electronic cigarettes.

Some worked better than others, and some just didn’t plain work at all. My hopes are to share with you my reviews of what worked best for me, how I finally quit smoking, and help you stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.

Have you ever heard the expression, you can’t fight fire with fire? It isn’t just true for redheads :). It actually rings true for trying to quit smoking as well. You can’t fight nicotine addiction with more nicotine and expect someone to magically stop smoking. What I learned trying various methods to quit is that addiction to nicotine is actually only one small component of cigarette smoking.

The problem is most of us (myself included) accept conventional wisdom far more often than we should, and soon the conventional wisdom of yesterday clouds today’s awareness of reality, so we continue to do the things that don’t work over and over again, helping pharmaceutical companies that make products like Zyban, Nicoderm, and Nicorette become filthy rich while they continue to treat our symptoms profitably without offering a real cure to the root causes of smoking addiction. And it’s no surprise, really.

There’s a lot of market share at stake for big companies that stand to gain when it’s so conveniently easy for the average smoker to run up a large tab in a year’s time buying pills, nicotine patches, gums and chemical concoctions in a desperate attempt to kick smoking to the curb. It’s designed that way on purpose to make a very small group of people very large mountains of money.

Most Stop Smoking Products are Designed to Fail and Doctors Simply Don’t Care

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you go to see the doctor, pay outrageous monthly insurance premiums and co-pays, get seen for 10 minutes if you’re lucky, then the doctor, who barely makes eye contact with you and your kids and sees you as no more than a number on his busy schedule, throws some pills at you and has you pay the receptionist on the way out.

To add to the ills of the American healthcare system, most stop smoking products are made to introduce either the same or new chemicals into your body and never address the emotional, psychological, energetic, spiritual, entertainment/recreational, and social aspects of smoking. I’ve tried to quit smoking using all the conventional and popular methods and none ever worked for me, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t stopped yet. It isn’t your fault.

I was fortunate enough to find a system to stop smoking that worked for me. But first…

Popular Stop Smoking Products/Methods I Tried That Didn’t Work for Me

Chantix/Champix for Quitting Smoking – This drug has been suspected involved in hundreds of suicides. It’s pricy and if you don’t quit your first few attempts, you could rack up a major bill. Also, the fits of rage and anger on this drug are not too fun either.

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey – The champion of all quit-smoking methods, I’ve been down this road before. You probably have too. It usually works for a few days then you’re back smoking. That’s how it was with me. Still it was a good way to get those initial feelings of nicotine withdrawal under control.

Nicorette Nicotine Gum Review These are fun to pop and they give you a buzz, but they don’t get rid of the craving to put a cigarette to your mouth. Just another pack of gum when the day is done.

Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes – There is no statistic yet (e cigarettes are still in their infancy) that e cigarettes help you to stop smoking. But the fact remains, if you’re smoking an e cigarette, then you’re not smoking a real cigarette. Still e cigarettes have a lot of their own side effects too like nausea and heartburn, plus it’s easy to vape way too much and not know it, then get sick. Now cities are banning electronic cigarettes in public places too.

Nicoderm/Nicotine Patch – This clever device is a lot of fun and convenient for smokers but again, it doesn’t deal with the emotional, psychological, and mental aspects of smoking as well as the oral fixation of putting a cigarette to my mouth and taking a drag. After the first 30 minutes I got really sick.

Also known as Wellbutrin, a popular antidepressant, Zyban kept me awake and made me feel numb to the world. I already had anxiety and depression going in, but this made my ADD go crazy and I just didn’t feel like myself. Some of the side effects of this med are insomnia, restlessness, lack of appetite, and suicidal ideation.

You may feel like quitting, but don’t ever quit (trying to quit)

Most people don’t quit cigarettes on their first attempt anyway but as long as you keep trying to quit, the numbers, hard data and statistics are all on your side. Yes, that’s right. If people continue to try to quit smoking, they will eventually quit. Ask any smoker who quit. If I could do it, anyone can do it. No one’s saying it’s going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. In fact, quitting smoking takes everything you got and in the end, it all comes down to you.

You’re the one who makes you quit. Trust me, I know firsthand. And it wasn’t easy to accept this in the beginning. But once I did, it was like a load was lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I could finally breathe. I decided it was time to break the old paradigm of the ways that didn’t work and haven’t been working and do what actually does work to quit smoking once and for all- for myself and my loved ones.

Why quitting smoking was so hard for me personally

I am definitely a creature of habit. Smoking was engrained in my daily activities from when I got up to when I went to bed.

My morning started with cup of coffee and a cigarette, a cigarette followed every meal or snack I ate, and I would light up every time I got in my car.

When I got home from work or school, I’d relax and unwind with a cigarette. Before bed, I’d have a cigarette. Come to think of it, I don’t know of a time when I wasn’t smoking.

I can honestly say I used to enjoy smoking… until I didn’t.

I remember how much I used to enjoy a Marlboro light when driving home from community college watching the sun set off I-65, listening to the radio all the way up with the windows down. The nicotine buzz would kick in with the music pounding and the air blowing through and give me quite the kick. The smell of cedar trees and blacktop roads mixed with burning tobacco used to really relax me and put my mind at ease.

But then it got to the point where I’d turn on the car engine, the radio, and automatically light up a cigarette out of habit only because I was getting in my car and that’s what I always did. I wasn’t actually enjoying it, and that didn’t feel good at all. It felt like I wasn’t in control of myself and like I was a slave to my impulses. Fortunately I get the same enjoyment now if not more out of that same drive but without feeling the need to stop at the store and pick up a pack of cigarettes. It is truly liberating!

I used to smoke when I was bored, or when I had a break at work.

This was probably the hardest. When the bar was slow and there wasn’t much business, or when I had time between classes, there was that 15 or 2o minute window of time staring me in the face just demanding that I go to my car, turn on my music and smoke. Or walk around campus until I found another smoker that I could carry on a mediocre conversation with over a cigarette.

I would smoke whenever I drank, and working in a bar… well let’s just say I smoked- a lot.

My uncle used to say to us all stubbornly “God gave me 2 hands for a reason. One hand for my beer, the other for my cigarette”. When I would drink with all my friends and my boyfriend, we were always smoking cigarettes. Drinking and smoking really do go hand in hand, especially since it’s still legal to smoke indoors at bars and clubs where I live and I don’t see many people trying to stop.

I would smoke as an emotional crutch when I was in a bad relationship or living with my mom.

As if being in an unhealthy relationship isn’t bad enough, I used to smoke even more cigarettes when I was in a relationship with this one guy. The problem is I saw this one guy for 5 years. When we would fight, I would run outside and sit on the porch swing, putting cigarette lighter to Marlboro light after light until an hour had passed, then I’d go back inside and we’d make up just long enough to delay our next fight.

For a few years off and on I lived with family and as much as I love family- they can drive you crazy sometimes, and that made me want to smoke as well. Plus it was an excuse to get out of the house and go outside. I come from a big family so there’s always people and you can’t get away from the circus some days of the week (at least that’s how it feels).

Not a single stop smoking product changed the way I coped with stress or boredom.

My habits were so deeply and psychologically ingrained to the point no chemical could save me. My response to every situation seemed to be to go outside and smoke a cigarette. When I was sad, I smoked. When I was happy, I smoked. When I was bored, I smoked. To reward myself for being productive at work or school or around the house, I smoked.

I needed to break my thought, feeling and behavior response cycle while providing physical relief for my annoying and painful withdrawals, so I branched out my search and started reading about holistic remedies, then took action.


I knew I needed to break the cognitive behavioral cycle of addiction, so in order to deal with the mental and emotional aspect of quitting smoking I got the Kerry Gaynor Method and it really helped.

Then, because I am an anxious and jittery person, I wanted to get something more than just breath mints or gum to attempt to fight the hand-to-mouth motion and oral fixation cravings. And I didn’t want to go back to 5 cups of coffee a day either (or energy drinks).

The best part? There’s zero side effects or chances of addiction. Zero chance of suicidal ideation or depression. Zero mood swings.

The fact that people were curing cancer, treating anxiety and depression (the underlying causes of my nicotine and cigarette addiction), and improving people’s moods naturally made me curious to try Boulder Botanicals Organic CBD.

After trying so many other chemical laden options like nicotine gum, the patch, Wellbutrin/Zyban, and cold turkey this all-natural CBD pill literally was like a life saver in a sea of withdrawal misery.

Stopping Smoking… Just Glad I Did It (for Me)

I eventually quit smoking cigarettes. I can’t say I never fell off the wagon but getting back on was easier every time and eventually the need to smoke became so foreign to me I wondered how I ever put the nasty things up to my lips to start with.

I noticed I finally made real progress when I stopped telling people I was quitting smoking. No social approval or perks needed. So stop announcing that you’re quitting and just quit already!

I started exercising 5 days a week consistently. I stopped eating GMO foods, made a promise to eat more organic kale, then started meditating and praying again. I began making new goals for my life and thinking of how I might spend my money if it weren’t on cigarettes and scratch-off lottery tickets. I even took a course at my local community college in a subject I was interested in- for no reason at all!

I didn’t stop there though.

I also cut way down on sodas and coffee, and switched to low calorie coconut water as an alternative. I cut way back on the sugar intake and started taking a quality multi-vitamin supplement, and even added some nascent iodine to detox my body and liver. I heard that the body tends to become acidic with all the processed food we eat, so now I’ve switched to a more alkaline diet.

It’s been a year and my breathing has drastically improved, my sleep is better and I just feel more in control of my life. Now the focus is maintaining my life’s balance and staying active. I tried to smoke a cigarette recently during drinks out with friends and I was literally grossed out and threw the darn thing away. That’s exactly where you want to be!

Good luck to you with your quit smoking plan too my friend. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

See you on the other side.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vaping/E Cigarettes Review & Side Effects

e cigarettes side effects and reviewNo one really knows for sure how safe electronic cigarettes are. They certainly have their share of side effects, although probably much lesser than smoking. But the health experts say there is no clear definitive link between using electronic cigarettes and quitting normal tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re vaping using electronic cigarettes, you are still essentially addicted to nicotine. It’s a step up from normal cigarettes, but you’re only halfway to quitting in my opinion. For me, electronic cigarettes were a novelty to distract me between cigarettes, but they ultimately did not help me quit smoking.

Many regulatory and health agencies are not completely sure when people ask are electronic cigarette safe? E-cigarettes are not subject to United States tobacco laws so they can be purchased even by children. And this is exactly what is happening, children are purchasing e cigarettes in the sixth grade which leads many public health experts to question the wisdom behind allowing electronic cigarettes into the market with no regulation.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe and How do They Work? | Health Risks and Safety of Ecigs

One of the reported dangers is that the liquid nicotine itself is highly concentrated, unlike tobacco where it occurs naturally, and in high doses can be absorbed through the skin and cause heart problems, breathing trouble and even cardiac arrest and poisoning. On another note, the FDA is not sure whether inhaling pure liquid nicotine is completely safe in and of itself.

E cigarettes may actually contain more nicotine in a regular cigarette, but they definitely contain as much nicotine as a typical tobacco cigarette.

Many users can choose their dosage of nicotine when they buy you cigarettes or the refill cartridges. Mini E cigarettes come in different flavors, which again many would argue is a lure for children.

Some have noted that because children are using and buying e cigarettes, they may be more likely to start smoking regular tobacco cigarettes as well. In fact many say there is no proof that people who enjoy electronic cigarettes ever stop smoking regular cigarettes at all.

How electronic cigarettes work

Electronic cigarettes contain a battery, several cartridges, and a column which appears to be just like a regular cigarette where users inhale which activates a motor that heats the nicotine and produces a vapor which they then inhale.

Already electronic cigarettes have been banned in public places like restaurants, bars, and indoor settings in both Los Angeles, California and in New York City. Opponents of the laws claim that local municipalities are hindering the stop smoking effort overall, while many people probably just don’t want to inhale vapors indoors whether they are considered a safety risk or not.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

*Much easier on the lungs and breathing than regular cigarettes
*no smoke smell, can vape practically anywhere undetected
*don’t turn your skin yellow or accelerate aging due to the act of smoking itself
*overall potentially less harmful than smoking cigarettes
*come in different flavors and doses including vanilla, Coca Cola, tobacco, mint, and more

Side effects of vaping and e cigs reported from actual users

*Coughing after long-term chronic use, hacking up stuff
*nausea due to excessive intake of high concentrations of nicotine
*stomache ache and acid reflux, could be due to excessive propylene glycol, which is a derivative of glucose
*sore throat
*irregular heartbeat

Try an E-cigarette alternative you never thought of: CBD (Cannabidiol)

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Chantix/Champix Reviews: Side Effects, Effectiveness, and More

chantix reviews for stopping smokingSmoking is associated with many dangerous and harmful effects on health. Many people with tobacco smoking addiction are looking for a way out of their addictions. In the 2006, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer released a prescription medication they called Chantix (or Champix outside the United States). The drug was promoted as being able to help people who wish to stop smoking quit.

Expectedly, people who have struggled with smoking cessation would welcome anything that promises them quick and effortless quitting. Therefore, when Pfizer announced that Chantix whose scientific name is Varenicline could help them quit, it came as a relief to many people. The question most people ask is whether this medication is effective or not, but is it safe considering the numerous recent lawsuits levied upon Pfizer regarding this stop smoking medication?

The illusion of a magic pill

But then again, who doesn’t want a magic pill to suddenly cure them of cigarette smoking? Sound too good to be true? It probably is. Many people who have taken Chantix have become suicidal with the families of the suicide victims blaming the stop smoking drug itself. Whether those people were pre-disposed to depression or suicide is a different story, but you can’t dismiss a staggering and growing number of possibilities. There have also been reports of outbursts of anger on Champix and in a recent murder case between 2 US Army soldiers, a judge has even allowed the Chantix defense to play out in court, i.e. that the accused of murder is blaming his Chantix medication for a factor in committing murder.

champix reviews for quitting smokingIt should also be kept in mind that a company named Pfizer manufactures Chantix and is also maker of the drug Propecia/finasteride, a popular hair loss drug that has been reported to cause permanent, irreversible sexual side effects in men, severe depression, anxiety, loss of interest in life, loss of feeling and empathy and brain fog- which has also led to patients committing suicide. Say what you will. I say Pfizer’s products like Propecia and Chantix/Champix and many more medications, even common anitbiotics like Cipro, are no joke. Long-term debilitating side effects are a possibility and the doctors don’t always warn patients adequately.

How Does Chantix Work?

It is not easy to understand how Chantix works without first discussing why tobacco smoking is addictive. The addictive substance in tobacco smoke is nicotine, a central nervous system stimulant. Using nicotine for a long time makes the body dependent on these stimulant effects. After sometime, dependence develops and your body stops to function properly without nicotine. Smoking then becomes habitual.

Chantix works as a partial agonist (partial stimulant) of the brain at the nicotine receptors. The manufacturer says that this medication is a weaker partial agonist and therefore will blunt the withdrawal effects associated with quitting smoking. This means it is different from nicotine antagonists (such as cystisine), bupropion (Zyban) and nicotine replacement therapy. Chantix is marketed as capable of reducing nicotine cravings for and minimizes the pleasurable effects of tobacco products including cigarettes.

If you find other reviews online, it’s kind of crazy. You’ll hear people praise Chantix for how good it is, and how it’s their 3rd time even of being on it! That to me, means it doesn’t work, not that it’s good, and it’s not exactly a solution to cigarette or even smokeless tobacco addiction! It’s just a drug-for-another-drug exchange! And the prices for the meds are as much as tobacco smoking too. But if you’re not smoking and you don’t want to kill yourself after taking it, maybe it’s still an option for you.

The Upside to Chantix: The Pros

Varenicline is touted by its manufacturers as well as some users as having the following advantages in smoking cessation.

If used in conjunction with other smoking cessation programs such as rehabilitation, Chantix can help those who have struggled with smoking to progressively quite the habit.

One must comply with only the determined, prescribed dosage. It is administered in a dosage of 1mg per day titrated in a particular manner.

The package comes with clear instructions on how to use the drug but it is only administered on prescription by a health care provider.

Chantix is FDA approved, unlike certain popular smoke cessation products such as e-cigarettes. I would still take FDA approval with a grain of salt.

It indirectly helps to eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The Downside to Chantix: The Cons, Side Effects, and Cause for Concern


Clinical studies done so far indicate that Chantix long-term effects can lead to a variety of life-threatening side effects like suicidal ideation. Here are some of the most common side effects of Varenicline.

The most common complaint by users of Varenicline is nausea.

Less commonly it may cause headache, sleeping difficulties as well as abnormal dreams.

Rarely Varenicline may cause flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting and changes in taste sensations.

Although the FDA approved this drug, in 2007 they sent out a warning that Chantix may accentuate the risks of depression and suicide tendencies as well as other psychiatric problems. in 2011, they announced the association of Varenicline with small risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The Bottom line on Chantix… No thanks, not for me


In as much as Chantix is promoted as capable of helping people to quit smoking, studies indicate that the safety concerns outweigh any benefits that may be associated with its use. If you were to ask me, I would recommend that you first discuss with your doctor. Better still, you can avoid it altogether.

I prefer a natural stop smoking aid anyday of the week to all these chemicals and pills. That’s me though.

Chantix Reviews

Recently ordered by FDA and scheduled for the Fall 2014, a review on Chantix to address public concerns over suicides and major side effects linked to Chantix will be held. Could it just be political theater? After all, the FDA could just remove the pill from the market, but then there goes that billion dollars spent on getting it through the regulation and approval process, and if the FDA cracks down too hard, the FDA won’t have any customers coming its way any more.

This could partially explain why doctors these days are just unloading pills faster than Bayer, Merck, and Pfizer can make them. Could it be the revolving door between the FDA and pharmaceutical giants? Read that article for a very telling truth about exactly how drugs are approved and prescribed, how natural supplements are kept out of the market for treating medical conditions, and how the bloated and high costs of this broken system are draining the American economy and preventing true affordable and effective medical care from everyone.

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Does Nicotine Gum Actually Work? Nicorette Gum Review

nicorette gum review for stopping smokingAn addiction to smoking can be awfully hard to beat. It is a long process that requires a lot of work to be put into it and in order to successfully beat your addiction to cigarettes, and what I learned is that you need several things, among them being the determination and will to quit smoking. Once I started my own journey, I expected some hurdles to cross such as the withdrawal symptoms. This is where the nicotine gum like Nicorette came into play. It is just gum like any other though it is not used for casual purposes as it contains a dose of nicotine.

What is nicotine gum and does it work?

Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that causes you to remain hooked to the habit. It is highly addictive and once you are hooked onto it, you cannot stay for long without using the drug. If you do not use nicotine for a while then you begin experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms could include anything from headaches and mood swings to restlessness and irritability. My nicotine withdrawals were pretty bad, but Nicorette gum didn’t satisfy my craving to actually smoke a cigarette. The upside to nicotine withdrawals is that after 72 hours, your body is completely free of nicotine. It’s just that painful 3 days to a week where you feel the need to chew the gum or puff on an e cigarette.

Nicotine gum belongs to a group of medications involved in nicotine replacement therapy. It will help reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms by replacing a portion of the nicotine that you receive from cigarettes. With time, the dose of nicotine one takes on a daily basis is reduced till you can stop using this medication comfortably. This gum is to be used alone- you’re not supposed to chew the gum and smoke at the same time. Also I realized quickly that this gum was pretty much worthless to me without an actual plan and the resolve to quit smoking.

Appropriate use of nicotine gum can help some people. Still, ultimately nicotine addiction is not completely physical.


Normally, people go reducing the number of pieces they chew daily. During the first month, one can chew as many as 12pieces daily. But then again it all depends on how much you smoke. If you smoke more than a pack of cigarettes per day, you can go with up to twenty pieces. Yes, that’s a lot of gum! A light smoker will therefore work with few than twelve pieces. Chewing more than twenty four pieces is however discouraged as this only aggravates the problem further. You should also avoid chewing one gum right after the other or worse yet use two pieces at a time. Not that I’ve ever done that before 😉

Nicotine Gum Side effects

Some of the common side effects of nicotine gum include: headaches, heartburn, diarrhea and mood changes. These side effects are usually very mild but can become worse if you use the gum inappropriately. If these problems persist, you are highly encouraged to discontinue the medication and speak to your pharmacist. There are however several other side effects such as dizziness, chest pain, mouth/teeth/jaw issues, nausea and hiccups. Breathing can also become troublesome and a rash/itch can develop if you are allergic to nicotine. It’s important to realize that nicotine is basically a poison so while it stimulates the body’s central nervous system, it’s actually harmful to the body’s overall functioning.

Nicotine gum has been shown to be extremely effective when it comes to stopping the smoking habit if you know how to use it responsibly as a supplement to a legimiate stop smoking program. As abovementioned, you will have to reduce the number of pieces you chew in a day. This with time allows you to free yourself from the addiction to nicotine. Though it has its side effects, with willpower, some counseling and support from friends, you will be able to quit smoking within as short a time as 12 weeks. Still I think there’s better and faster ways to quit smoking. And it doesn’t make up for the hand-to-mouth compulsion and smooth experiential feeling of smoking a cigarette. Ultimately it’s not going to make you quit.

Experience a stop-smoking alternative with no side effects: CBD

Nicotine Gum Cost

Nicotine gum isn’t cheap, it usually starts out at around $30 for a 10 day supply. That can add up if you hit the 45 day mark and you still haven’t kicked the habit yet. Here’s where you can get some nicotine gum for kind of cheap off of Amazon. Still no gum will address the psychological addiction to smoking, it will merely reduce the discomfort from nicotine withdrawals. As someone who tried nicotine gum to quit, I can honestly say it felt more like a novelty and it didn’t stop me from smoking cigarettes.

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Zyban Reviews: Will Zyban Help You Kick the Smoking Habit Safely?

zyban review and side effectsThere are various options that can help you stop smoking. Some people may decide to go for nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine spray, of which I have used all but the spray (I would imagine it’s close to an e cigarette). However, you may opt to completely avoid nicotine altogether and Zyban can come in handy in that case (if you tolerate it). It can also make you want to kill yourself. Ouch! Weren’t expecting that one were you. That’s one of the side effects and something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind if you decide to try it like I did.

What is Zyban?

This is a drug containing an active ingredient of bupropion hydrochloride created to serve as an antidepressant medication known commercially as Wellbutrin. It was also found to contain another vital role of restraining the urge to smoke. This applies also to people addicted to nicotine.

How Zyban works

Zyban is an antidepressant pill also known as Wellbutrin that eases nicotine extraction symptoms. The drug works through acting on chemicals of the brain that are linked to the cravings that lead to you to taking nicotine. The drug takes full effect in about a week upon beginning the treatment. For the cure to be more effective, you are recommended to take it for a period of 7 to 12 weeks. Failure to show a sign of any significant progress by the seventh week you are required to suspend the treatment.

Some studies reveal that an average of a third of the smokers taking the medicine in order to stop smoking succeed approximately one year after the treatment. This makes it have a higher success rate than many other nicotine replacement therapy methods according to many Zyban reviews. This of course also makes it a costly way to quit smoking if you have to purchase it for a year or more. Then there is the concern that you may become dependent on Zyban and you are not an anti-depressant taker. I have nothing against people who take anti-depressants and depression may even be a side effect/predetermining factor for those who become habitual smokers, but personally I’d rather stay off them. And I’ve been on more than a few so I know what they’re like.

Does Zyban work?

Zyban does work for some people, however in a day and age where we’re already over medicated as it is, and many times the “cure” causes equal amounts of discomfort as the sickness or prevailing medical problem, it didn’t work for me. It made me feel stressed out in a different way, kind of spaced out and amped up all the time. I had lots of trouble sleeping on this pill, even when I took it in the morning which is what the doc said to do. Definitely don’t take the pill after 12 pm.

You should only consume Zyban as prescribed by a physician. You should take the drug with water as normally with meals and should not be consumed for a period longer than recommended. The medicine is a popular option to many because you can continue smoking for about a week while receiving the treatment. Duration for taking the drug depends on your determination to stop smoking but in the first three days, you should consume one tablet of 150mg daily, and two tablets on a daily basis at intervals of around eight hours from the fourth day.

Cost and Price of Zyban

Zyban has a reasonable price (if it works for you). The drug costs $4 a day thus being affordable to many smokers willing to get rid of the smoking habit. The worth of the remedy is relatively cheap compared to the benefit. Of course, that $4/day can really add up it takes you 6 months to quit, over $700 even.

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The pros and cons of taking Zyban

The drug is easy to swallow. However, a person with a history of eating disorder cannot take it. It can also help when you are depressed at times. Nevertheless, it can bring about mood swings as well as behavioral changes as you can be hostile and have thoughts of committing suicide. The medicine is usually used with other nicotine replacement therapies. The medicine is not recommended if you have a history of seizures and relentless head trauma, or anxiety.

The main advantage of taking Zyban is that it has no nicotine. However, the main disadvantage is that it causes side effects that may be harmful to your health. The medicine is not fully understood by the doctors thus does not have the benefit of doubt.

Side effects of Zyban

You may experience some other uncomfortable symptoms brought about by the consumption of the medicine. Some of them may include; behavior changes, insomnia, restlessness, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of appetite and headache. The serious effects include; fast heartbeats, fever, seizure and hallucinations, as well as suicidal ideation.

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Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey- How to Do It For Good

Quitting smoking cold turkey is actually one of the best ways to begin your journey into stopping smoking. I call it a journey because most of the time people who try to quit smoking do not succeed on the first or even second attempt, whether they use medication to stop or not.

But to put this into perspective, how many people do you know who have never exercised or worked out went to the gym for the first or second time and immediately reported it as being the most fun, effortless and freeing experience of their lives? Most of the time you feel like you can’t do it, or you don’t know what you’re doing, or it feels weird and awkward. All normal!

quit smoking cold turkeyThe good thing about stopping smoking cold turkey is that it helps you to feel your body and to understand what it will actually be like once you completely eliminate your addiction to nicotine. Believe it or not, once you quit smoking, the level of nicotine in your body is absolute zero in less than 72 hours, which means that you will have physically beaten your addiction to cigarette smoking by that point. Then it’s just a matter of beating withdrawals and the psychological addiction.

The next obstacle, the psychological conditioning and perceived emotional dependence on cigarettes which are worsened by the gradual physical withdrawals, all go away after 21 days. So if you can make it 21 days, you probably aren’t addicted to cigarettes any more at all.

The first time I ever quit smoking I stopped for 45 days straight. Then I turned 21 and celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas, so you can kind of imagine how everything went after that. I was drinking and smoking again. But it didn’t last forever, and I don’t smoke any more :).

Quitting Cold Turkey is Difficult, but Possible

Quitting smoking cold turkey may not be the best idea if you’re currently smoking one or two packs a day. You may actually want to taper your usage down ever so slightly and start going a day or two without a cigarette to test the waters. This gradual reduction in nicotine intake will make the withdrawals much less severe. But if you smoke less than a half a pack a day, you are the perfect candidate for the cold turkey quit smoking method.

One of the things that makes quitting smoking so difficult is the prevalence of cigarettes all around you. In a state where smoking is frowned upon socially, or there have been laws enacted which prevent the easy cigarette at the bar or restaurant, you’ll find people quit much more quickly and easily.

By the end of 2009 statewide laws in 22 US states prohibited smoking in workplaces restaurants or bars. Nationally over 75% of households have reported that smoking was not allowed inside the home or indoors.

The high cost of smoking from a public policy standpoint

In Texas tobacco-related disease cost the state over $12 billion in medical costs and loss and worker productivity in 2003.

Increasing the price of tobacco has been found to be effective at reducing the prevalence of conception of smoking cigarettes. Additionally adding taxes to cigarettes has made nicotine addiction even less affordable in some states ranging from three dollars per pack in Rhode Island to a mere seven cents per pack in South Carolina.

One of the absolute worst states in America with the highest smoking rates as Kentucky, were over a quarter of a deal population our current cigarette smokers.

Even 15% of Kentucky’s youth in their early teens or cigarette smokers. Kentucky has no statewide smoke-free laws that protect against exposure to secondhand smoke in public places like workplaces, restaurants and bars.

The state with the worst smoking record is West Virginia with over 26% of its adult population smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

US States with the Worst Smoking Rates

Smoking is most prevalent in states like Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nevada. Not surprisingly these are the states with few to no smoking bans or anti-smoking laws to protect the general populace.

Often times the state government will actually preempt and prevent local governments and their attempts to regulate smoking or even ban smoking at the local level. This goes to show that the shadowy hands of big tobacco are still at work behind-the-scenes, and with heavy lobbying efforts it makes quitting smoking that much harder for people trying to successfully kick the habit.

The Center for disease control has found that while many smokers try to quit every year, and without assistance most will relapse. On the bright side, the people who continue to try to quit increase their odds of successfully quitting each time that they quit, whether or not they relapse. And most people report that their final successful attempt at quitting smoking is usually unassisted, hence (insert turkey sound here) freeom from nicotine addiction is just ready to be gobbled up as long as you never quit trying to stop smoking!

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