Dow Jones Loses 800 Points in Stock Market Yesterday

Dow Jones Loses 800 Points in Stock Market Yesterday

  It was a terrible day for stocks, but it should have been expected. The entire stock market is due for a massive correction, considering the amount of central bank intervention in the past 10 years has been equally gargantuan.

But it’s not getting much better. Usually, the stock market rebounds by about half of what it lost the day before, but in the stock market today the Dow Jones is currently struggling to stay even.

The Market Recovery is Failing to Materialize


It’s becoming abundantly clear the the Federal Reserve is going to have to cut interest rates yet again after their recent 25 basis point cut was brushed off by hungry stock markets desperate for some real monetary intervention.

We don’t have free markets any more. What we have is a ponzi scheme in its last throes, with a good cop bad cop game between President Donald Trump and Jerome Powell of the Fed Reserve.

Global Slowdown Undeniable

  S. Korea and Japan are having trade disputes resulting in major losses year-over-year of Japanese autos being sold in Korea. At the same time India has had its worst month for car sales in 18 months, and as many as 1,000,000 workers may be laid off as a result.

Meanwhile, gold continues to shine making it one of the best IRAs in 2019. With the shiny yellow metal above $1500/oz for the first time in 6 years and setting records in many currencies like the pound and the yen, gold and silver demand to be noticed with so few other options for saving or investing.

Or, of course, you could just trust these 2 guys to decide your financial fate.

Stock Market Declines Hitting 401ks and IRAs the Hardest

The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all suffered severe losses this week as the Dow was down almost 1,000 points in a single trading session. It would appear that the 25 basis point cut in the nominal funds rate by the Federal Reserve went unnoticed by equities and bonds around the world.

The real economic data coming in all show that air, rail and freight volumes are still on the downward slope since November of 2018, when the markets as a whole started showing major weakness. Matched with weak global manufacturing, the next recession could already be here peeking around the corner at unsuspecting economists and retirees alike.

Indeed, the stock market is running out of gas and even big banks are advising investors to consider selling stocks.

Gold and Silver Soar Higher

Gold and Silver have been on a stellar run of late, rising 20% in just 3 months. This week gold even hit $1500/ounce and silver went about $17, bringing back memories of 2011 when silver hit $45/ounce.

Even with known central bank manipulation of precious metals, it would appear even the elites are having trouble keeping the price of gold and silver suppressed.

After having made solid support for the last 6 years, precious metals have a lot higher to go, especially when you factor in central banks around the world dropping interest rates in an attempt to devalue their currencies and keep stocks inflated.

Protect Your 401k and IRA from Dangerous Markets

With US Treasury yields hitting 2 and a half year lows and the yield curve being inverted now for over 3 months, traditional safe havens like bonds have also become off-limits along with savings accounts. As central banks cut rates, saving money becomes impossible as banks pay you less to store your money, while inflation continues to soar high above the officially reported numbers.

This is why getting a 401k or IRA to Gold rollover is now becoming a smart move for investors and retirees looking to protect themselves from all the inherent risk in stocks and the US dollar.

Do Something to save your investments now, Don’t Wait for Them to Announce the Next Recession

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally and Safely in Your Home

get rid of bed bugs right freaking now cover phoneBed Bugs are present in more and more homes by the growing day.

While there are some people who are not bothered by them or even aware they exist, most people really hate to see them roaming around in their houses or worse, waking up to itchy red bites and rashes.

If you have just realized that there are bedbugs in your bedroom, you have to start making plans on how you are going to eliminate them as soon as possible. This is because when you delay, you are giving them a chance to multiply in your house.

Various ways to remove bed bugs from your home bedroom

The more their number, the more difficult it will be to kick them out of your house. Bed bugs are not just annoying. They will keep you up at night, damage your bed and furniture, make you feel nauseous and cause many other problems in your home.

Fortunately, there are simple bed bug elimination techniques that you can use to drive the cimex lectularius parasites away from your home. They include:

Various Homemade Bed Bug Treatments

1. Finding bedbug hiding spots

A Bed Bug usually hides during the day and come out at night to look for food. This is why you may not see them roaming around during the day very rarely, only to be surprised by their high number when you wake up in the middle of the night and check under the mattress or box spring.

To be able to deal with them effectively, you have to identify the places where they hide. Bedbugs usually hide in cracks and crevices on walls, in spaces in your furniture and your bed frame. Identify all the possible hiding areas before doing anything else.

2. Deny the nasty little critters any access to your bed.

There is no way the bloodsuckers are going to survive in your house when you deny them food. Make sure you eliminate clutter and hiding spots, then wash all your sheets and clothes and dry on high heat. Vacuum everything really well then empty the vacuum bag outside the house in a plastic sack and don’t let them back in.

3. Put down a preventive measure against bedbugs.

Bed bugs are tough to completely get rid of, but it is possible. Because they can go for a year without food and they lay eggs out of sight, it can be frustrating to try to make headway against an infestation. But one thing you can do is put down a powder which kills both bed bug and egg larvae.

For just such a real, innovative solution to bed bugs, fleas, spiders, roaches, and even ants, visit and

Kill all Bed Bug Insect Pests from Home Yourself Easily

Wild Stock Market Drops Indicate the Recession is Already Here

If you needed any confirmation as to the true state of the world economy, not just the United States, then this week should have been a bellwether. In the backdrop of the death and funeral of former President George H W Bush, the stock market emerged as the biggest story this week along with growing doubts over America and China’s trade truce.

stock market is crashing

And since you’ve been paying attention to all this, then you already know it would be silly to attribute the massive 1,150 point total loss for the Dow Jones, a 4.5% reduction of the total value of stocks taking place over just 4 days, to the tariffs that Donald Trump keeps upping to get China to play fair.

While these tariffs are certainly not making investors happy, they do make me happy considering China is one giant slave factory devoid of numerous basic freedoms that American millennials take for granted, and we could all cut back on our spending if even just a little.

There’s more to life than being a consumer of goods and services.

The Stock Market Crash is Here and Well Underway

One investor is saying that things are shaping up to resemble 1929, when a giant stock market crash started a series of events which we would later know as The Great Depression:

Even people who invest in the stock market for a living have made the decision to take as much as 75% of their stock market holdings and convert them to cash, sitting on the sidelines and saying enough is enough.

In fact, these wild swings in the stock market are actually somewhat predictable at this point, considering that job growth is slowing and the yield curve in the bond market has now inverted, a very bad sign for stocks, equities, and financial markets in general.

It’s practically impossible at this point to call what’s happening on Wall Street “wild swings” because 800 point drops are anything but swings, but baby crashes each time they happen. Looking at the stock chart above one can easily see a “dead cat bounce”, where the recoveries get smaller even as the price drops grow consistently larger.

If Only It Were Just the Stock Market That is Crashing…

As we’re seeing across the financial board, stocks are crashing, but so is BitCoin and even housing markets all around the world. Housing sales have plummeted in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, China, and even in Japan where they are now giving out abandoned houses for free. It’s that bad and they know they can’t make money off of housing any more.

The housing market and the stock market share a scary similiarity- a lack of buyers. The room is full of sellers right now, and few buyers exist to prop up the current bubbles in real estate and stock shares. The fundamentals simply aren’t there.

Overwhelmed by Distractions, People Are Just Starting to Wake Up to the Real Economy

Again, while the mainstream press continues to falsely attribute major market fundamentals to current events, the real picture is different. This market has become a bubble due to zero % interest rates and unlimited rounds of quantitative easing, stimulus, and even bailouts, and the end of the road is in sight.

Why did anyone think this “bull market” could go on forever? Even in the midst of record levels of corporate, municipal, government, and personal private debt, student loan debt, and dwindling GDP? The mainstream media is the spin machine to keep regular folks putting their hopes, incorrectly, into the stock market waiting for a correction that may never come.

This is why the most underappreciated assets right now remain to be gold and silver. Getting into cash from large positions in stocks is just step #1. Step #2 is buying lots of silver and investing in a gold IRA or getting a rollover from your 401K so you can still have tax benefits.

get your retirement saving gold ira investment book

Please be proactive and do something about your retirement and investments while you still can. There is no shame to admitting that you’ve had a good run and you’ve made some solid returns in the last 10 years after the 2008 financial crisis, but just as recessions tend to happen every 10 years, all good things must come to an end, at least here on Earth.

Good luck and be vigilant.

What’s Happening in Stocks Right Now, Was Already Predicted 2 Months Ago By This Man

Here’s How YOU Can Stop Anti-Semitism With the FACTS

The next time you encounter one of those dumb Neo-Nasis you just show them these stats and tell them “The Numbers DON’T LIE”.

Thanks for Doing Your Part to Stop Hate Online

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Dust Mites?

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is the same for dust mites too

The fact is, bed bugs and dust mites both love to have an abundance of hiding places. This is why we always tell people to get rid of clutter and vacuum everything in the room 100%. Bed bugs will usually be hiding in the mattress seams and bed frame, while dust mites will prefer to live in the bed sheets and quilts, as well as dusty and dirty drapes and carpet.

Avoiding the high cost of a bed bug or dust mite exterminator

Both bedbugs and dust mites make you feel itchy as you lie in bed trying to fall asleep- usually unsuccessfully until you just pass out from exhaustion. A massive home cleaning of vacuuming and even potentially steam cleaning, washing all bed linens, sheets and comforters on high heat and/or drying on high heat when possible will take care of 50% of the battle.

Bed bug removal in 2018Bed Bug exterminators will often try to get more money out of you than is necessary. This is why we recommend a do-it-yourself approach to bed bugs, ticks, fleas, ants and more because you really can find a natural and safe bed bug killer that also works equally well on dust mites.

A preventive measure like a passive powder based all natural bed bug killer strategically placed between the bed frame and the mattress, dusting around the bed frame joints, applying product in the baseboards and around the bed near the base on the floor is also a great way to take proactive and effective killing strategies for eliminating bed bugs and dust mites. Cleaning and preventive measures are probably the most effective and best way to get rid of bed bugs.

Avoiding dangerous chemicals in bed bug sprays

We prefer a natural approach to pest control and bug eradication ourselves, but everyone is different. We believe that a naturally derived mechanical-action based pest control agent is the safest and best long-term. Bed bugs and even dust mites which are tiny when compared to the size of the average bed bug can build up a resistance to modern day chemical based bedbug insect killers like Pyrethrin, which is a natural compound, but these critters will never escape the piercing sharp edges of the best natural freshwater amorphous silica based bed bug product.

Still the best way to prevent bed bugs bites is to keep a close eye out where ever you go. Bed bugs can be picked up at a friend’s house, by hugging someone, in movie theater seats, at airports, schools, daycare centers, public office buildings, courtrooms and council chambers, buses, and yes bed bugs hide even where you apply for social services.

Bed bugs and dust mites are not that dangerous, but they are super annoying when you can’t go to sleep and feel uneasy from all the itchiness.

Bed Bugs and Dust Mites Help

After spending some time on the subject of bed bugs you’ll soon be able to guide and help others in finding the best bed bug treatment. Cimex lectularius, as bed bugs are scientifically known, are really tough to destroy but with these tips and using the right bed bug prevention and control methods, you’ll get experience and see just how easy it is to stop a bed bug infestation yourself.

Just remember one last gross but memorable fact: Bed bugs actually bite you and suck your blood, whereas dust mites eat your dead skin and flesh, and dust mites don’t actually bite you. You get a bad skin reaction from the dust mites pooping on you at the microscopic level. True story!

Why Dog Sitting and Dog Walking are GREAT Extra-Money Gigs for Waiters, Restaurant Servers and Bartenders

Waiters, bartenders, and restaurant servers often face a dilemma of not getting enough hours and having lots of free time at random times of the day.

It makes it hard to get another job or gig because your main job gets your highest priority for scheduling, and if you do catering or work another waiting tables job during daytime lunch shifts, then you may not even be making enough money to justify the use of time.

great side jobs for waiters bartenders and restaurant serversThis is why walking people’s dogs or dog sitting is a great way to make side money for service industry employees. You can literally make your own schedule.

Since many servers, bartenders and waiters work nights, your days and afternoons are free, which is when many people who work office jobs, need someone to go by and let their dog out to use the restroom or get a 30 minute walk in.

Walking and sitting dogs is one of the easiest and low- cost businesses to set up. All you really need is time and a liking for dogs. But what exactly should you do in order for your business to be successful? Below are a few dog walking and dog sitting tips that can make your start-up business a great success.

The Best Part? If you order the $19.99 Waiting Tables Video Master Class at which shows you how to make more tips and move up to better and higher paying dining jobs, you get a $24.99 Start-Your-Own-Dog-Business guide, free.

Here’s an example of the type of help videos from the Waiting Tables Master Class Video Course:

Taken from the $24.99 e-Guide on How to Start Your Own Dog Sitting or Dog Walking Business, which is also a FREE gift from the Waiting Tables Video Master Class

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Tips to Get Your Business Off the Ground Right

1. Know about Dogs

The first step of owning a successful dog-care business is being extensively knowledgeable about dogs. This means that you should know more than just the various breeds of dogs. Do you know what different dog behavior means? Can you be able to control unruly canine behavior? How knowledgeable are you about leashes, collars and harnesses? Can you ably advise pet parents about the best kind and size of leash for their dog?

It is important that you educate yourself about dogs before you take up this business. Not only will the knowledge come in real handy when you are watching over the dogs, but it will also make it easier for your clients to trust you with their precious pets.

2. Have a Simple Business Plan

If you want your dog walking and sitting business to flourish, then you must be meticulous in how you carry out your operations. A business policy is one of the things that you must settle on before you kick off your business. Generally, the policy outlines what your stand is in various matters relating to your business.

What will be your working hours? In which areas will you be walking the dogs? What will be your cancellation policy? What about walking dogs without leashes? Will you accept to walk dogs without leashes if your clients ask you to?

You also need to have an insurance policy for your business. It might not seem like it, but a dog sitting and dog walking business comes with its own risks and liabilities. For instance, what should happen if a dog you are walking bites a stranger? What if it becomes uncontrollable while you are out walking it?

This is particularly important if you accept to walk dogs that are not on leashes. You certainly want to be prepared for any unforeseen liability that could arise from your business.

One great way is to start out using to get in the game, but don’t become reliant upon them.

Also: watch video reviews of online.

3. Advertise with a simple lead-collecting website and presence on Google

Finally, you need to get word out about your business. First, you have to determine who your target market will be. Ideally, these will be people whose schedules limit the amount of time they can spend with their dogs. People whose dogs are in dire need of exercise could also benefit immensely from your business.

The best way to advertise your business is through the Free Google Business Listing program. Using the tools provided, you can create a free simple website which will be the face of your business online. It is important that you create unique site which people can instantly identify with your business. Other ways to advertise your business is through brochures and asking your clients to recommend you to their friends and family.


Starting a dog sitting and dog walking business is anything but impossible. If you follow the tips shared above, then your business should be up and running in no time. However, there are factors within and outside of your control, so keep that in mind every step of the way.

Good luck!

Why Dog Sitting and Dog Walking are GREAT Extra Money Gigs for Waiters, Restaurant Servers and Bartenders

Why Walgreens, CVS and Walmart Don’t Have Your Bed Bug Killer Spray

bed bug crawling on the bedFirst off, let’s be fair.

Very few bed bug sprays advertised and carried on the store shelves of major stores like Walmart, Walgreens and Target actually work to completely eliminate the bed bug infestation or potential thereof.

So why do people buy bed bug killing sprays at Walmart and Walgreens then?

Because of the psychological need to shoot a pest.

Bare with me here.

People (like me) think that when you have a pest problem, you reach for a can of aerosol spray bug poison. It’s second nature. We also associate the act of shooting with the elimination of a target or enemy. The act of shooting is crucial to our psyche in simulating the product’s effectiveness and our ability to believe in its capability to successfully get rid of pests.

And that’s where most bed bug products go wrong. It starts with the consumer’s mindset. But it’s not your fault and it’s not my fault either. We’ve been mass advertised that only a toxic chemical spray can kill a bug problem.

It’s impossible to find a bed bug killer at CVS or Walgreens

But many people who reviewed the product Hot Shot for Bed Bugs and Fleas on the Walmart website even said the product probably wouldn’t prevent an infestation of bed bugs, but mainly that it provided peace of mind for now. Bed bugs are pretty nasty and can elicit great emotional response by those who’ve been affected by them or bitten, but the traditional bed bug spray approach will likely not stop bed bugs.

The best treatment for bed bugs is a likely a powder sprayed into cracks and hiding places

It turns out the best bed bug killer is actually a great ant infestation killer too. It works on fleas and has even gotten rid of flies. At least that’s been my experience. I’m talking about food grade fossilized shell flour like the main active ingredient which isn’t even sold in stores, so if you’re looking for a bed bug spray you won’t even be able to find one physically on their store shelves that works and does the job 100%.

Instead check out one of the best bed bug killer most stores don’t carry. I’ve literally eaten it. It’s the best, most completely natural and top grade product I’ve used so far to kill bed bugs, fleas, ants, and even warded off flies with the stuff. Overall it’s a great value.

The chemical industry will find any number of ways to continue to market their neurotoxic chemicals to the general public. We’re talking about an industry that has been making things like Agent Orange and the nuclear bomb.

The safe and natural, best bed bug killer treatment stops more than just bedbugs

So it should be no surprise of the deficit in wide public knowledge of effective and natural bed bug sprays that get the job done just the same without the potential risk to health. Entomologists everywhere should start speaking up about these types of products.

Plus once you see the astounding effectiveness of the below method from the video and see how the bugs do with it in real life, you’ll be wanting to make this your main line of defense against unwanted household insects.

What Deviated Septum Snoring Sufferers Can Do About It- With or Without Health Insurance

Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces and CPAP Do Not Open Nasal Airways of Deviated Septum Sufferers

This has been one of the biggest problems for snorers and apnea sufferers throughout the years. Either their doctor will send them to an ear, nose and throat specialist, who will likely then want to perform surgery, or they may opt for a CPAP, an expensive “solution” which does nothing to open the nasal passages and ensure people breathe normally. Moreover, once you start CPAP, it is not advisable that you skip nights, as your body becomes accustomed to the continuous positive airway pressure that these machines produce.

As someone who had corrective surgery for deviated septum, only to have no noticeable benefit from the painful procedure just a few years later, I can tell you that more surgery is not always better. It’s actually quite easy to find a knife-happy surgeon or doctor willing to collect an overcharged payday from your insurance company in order to produce an outcome that might not be any major improvement over your initial condition.

Of course, Not All Deviated Septum or Snoring and Sleep Apnea Sufferers Even Have Health Insurance

I also fall into this category- people with deviated septum who do not have health insurance. Many baby boomers and “normal” people out there will attempt to damn and condemn me for not having the overpriced, undervalued health insurance that the rip-off medical establishment has given us as the only path to medical care. However I refuse to pay monthly premiums at such a young age month over month to receive bread crumbs of medical care when I occasionally require it.

OpenAIR 10 piece kit nasal dilators for stop snoringIt’s funny how in my life I have found solutions that were literally dirt cheap which did the job safely, effectively, and naturally compared to the “popular” and assumed “only game in town” type answers to problems that most people assume is the only option out there. One of those solutions is using diatomaceous earth to stop crawling insect pest infestations, and another example is nasal dilators for deviated septum and snoring/mild sleep apnea.

Nasal dilators cost literally under 20 bucks and can often result in an enormous benefit to users which have problems with breathing through their nose normally. They can be worn at night by both back and side sleepers, and unlike the uncomfortable nasal strips which stretch and tear your skin, and usually wear off in effectiveness by the end of the night, they do not require you to continue buying them month after month.

While both nasal dilators and mouthpieces for snoring and sleep apnea will require eventual replacement, their lifespan is much longer and greater, usually requiring a new model every 6 months to a year at the earliest. An additional benefit is that often times using nasal dilators on their own can solve an entire snoring problem, but they can also be used with OTC stop snoring oral devices for people who usually end up breathing through their mouth at night.

Here is where you can check out some of the original best nasal dilators out there on Amazon.

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Reviews


Turning Walks with My Dog Into Money

best cannabis infused cbd gummiesThere’s really nothing more fun than downing a bunch of marijuana or cbd gummies and heading out to the trail with your dog, ready to go on a day of hiking with your furry best friend. Dogs don’t usually judge you when you’re high, but if they did, they’d think you were pretty cool.

Getting all that fresh air outside walking my dog, soaking up the sunshine and just learning to forget what time of day is has been very helpful as an entrepreneur, and the cannabis helps me to stay focused on the moment and keep my mind state positive so that I can achieve higher states of inner peace and relaxation. It also helps me to get things done more effectively. There really are a lot of benefits of dog walking and cannabis when you think about it.

Walks with My Dog

walks with my dogWalks with my dog have always been a special thing. I have never been able to provide my dog with a 40 acre ranch, but I have taken him to many state and national parks for us to hike the trails and explore the landscape for an afternoon. What better way to enjoy nature than by bringing my General MacArthur Sherlock Holmes classic pipe or a few joints in their handy little dispensary styled cases. Perfect for stowing!

I feel a special bond with my dog when we’re out walking around in the woods or the jungle, our attention totally in the present moment enjoying the discovery of new surroundings. I see the joy in my dog’s eyes when we’re out exploring a field full of grass, trees and discarded things no one wanted.

Turning Walks with my Dog Into Money

Hands Free Dog Leash for Walking and Running

For me, living an authentic life means having a lot of freedom. Freedom with my finances. Freedom with my day’s schedule. I have always been drawn to owning my own business and have enjoyed the freedom self-employment brings vs. the 9 to 5 corporate or even evening work shift strategy to paying bills.

Since I love my dog so much I started looking for high quality dog products to sell for which I either have seen a direct immediate need first hand in my life with my dog or could see the value in for the average dog product consumer.

That’s also when I discovered the hands free dog leash which is perfect for hiking, running, jogging, walking, camping– you name it, it will keep your dog secured to your person and free your hands for other things. I had been using my own homemade hands free dog harness and collar for years, but it involved attaching a carabiner to each end of the dog leash, and then clipping the carabiner to a belt which I wore.

My homemade no hold dog leash was great but it did not retract when the distance was closed between myself and my dog, and it did not diminish the sudden jerks of my dog in random directions when he smells an item of interest on one of our walks. So the hands free dog leash I made would have to be retractable, adjustable, and made of a flexible but heavy duty strong material to finish the job.

walking dogs for money

How You Can Turn Dog Walking Into Money with Overnight Dog Sitting, Dog Daycare and Home Boarding

Stoners need to find a way to make money too, regardless of how bad society tells you that you are and that you don’t deserve a job. One of the best ways to make extra money is to offer to watch people’s dogs for them with pet sitting. You can sign up with a service like and get a profile to start watching dogs in under a week. They take 20 – 25% of what you make, but it can still be a way to earn some side cash.

Another way is to offer to walk people’s dogs for them. Basically you can maximize your earnings by offering dog sitting and overnight boarding as well as a dog walking service. Wag is a pretty good way to start walking people’s dogs too.

Starting Your Own Dog Walking Business

move over rover start your own dog sitting businessBut the best way to earning money by walking dogs is with your own home doggy daycare, boarding and walking business that you get customers from Rover and Wag, but you also get customers from people searching Google for dog sitters and walkers. This guide shows you all about how you can increase your customer base by doing just a few things that most Rover or Wag contractors refuse to do- and it can make you money.

More Dog Walking Tips

If you’re going to start making money walking dogs, it’s good to have a little bit of basic safety training so you can handle strange dogs that you’re not used to. Here’s a YouTube video with some dog walking training to get you going.